“At the end of 2016, my diet was terrible. I was eating very little real food and lots of sweets. I was the type of person who would eat chocolate chips with breakfast. At my last physical a year and a half ago, I also learned that my A1C level put me at the very beginning stages of prediabetes. I also have two young kids, and though they eat fairly well, I knew I could make healthier choices for them, too.

I am a member of Hannah’s Facebook group, and last year I responded to a question she posted. Hannah gave a very detailed and thorough answer, and I knew that if she ever started a nutrition program that I would want to work with her.

During Clean Eating Confidence, it was so incredibly helpful for me to have Hannah to hold me accountable and to gently remind me why I wanted to improve my health. During the weekly Skype sessions, I learned so much about ingredients, meal planning, budgeting, and making healthier choices for my family.  I could email her during the week if I hit roadblocks and she would motivate me to stay on track, or I could email her pictures of food labels, and she would help me understand what ingredients to avoid. Hannah provided a wealth of resources, including meal planning worksheets and seasonal eating and grocery guides, that I continue to use on a weekly basis. She also gave me a great tip to control my sugar cravings that I continue to use every day.

Since finishing the program, I am eating far less sugar. I no longer keep a giant bag of chocolate chips in my cabinet. I read ingredient labels at the grocery store, and I’m making sure that every meal includes real food. I’m prepping some of my food every week, which helps me feel less stressed and overwhelmed when it’s time to make meals or pack lunches. I’m making better food choices for my kids and trying to get them involved in the kitchen when I can. My four-year-old daughter is eating better snacks, and she’s grown quite adventurous with trying new foods at dinner.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled to make healthy changes when it comes to food. I have tried other nutrition program before that were basically do-it-yourself programs with limited support. The accountability aspect of Hannah’s program was a game changer for me. Her program is the one that finally pushed me to make healthy changes that were long overdue.”

Jennifer W.

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