Skincare for the Seasons

Skincare for Every Season

Seasonal Skincare. It’s a topic that isn’t talked about nearly enough, yet it is critical to achieving healthy skin all year long. As the seasons change, so does our skin. Think about it, you notice specific changes in your skin whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring. This is your skin telling you that it needs different things, which is why our skincare routines should also change to help our skin adapt to each season.

This is where Saison Beauty comes in.

Saison, in French, means Season, which is the inspiration behind this premium skincare line.

Saison’s approach is to treat and revitalize skin as it responds to the environmental conditions throughout the year.

Their products are “specially formulated for each season and skin type to nourish your skin throughout the changing months.” Saison realizes the importance of caring for skin seasonally, mindfully formulating each product to meet the changing needs of your skin throughout each season.

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Each line of Saison’s products are season-specific and they offer both facial and body care products. Their facial line includes everything from cleansing grains to nourishing oils and moisturizers, and their body line includes wash, lotion, and oil.

Of course, Saison “believes in using only the highest quality, antioxidant-rich, natural ingredients that feed your skin vital nutrients. These nutrients help your skin function properly and look its best.” Their products do not contain the following: petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, PEGs, DEA, MEA, TEA, triclosan or synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes, which are common in mainstream personal care products and cosmetics.

Additionally, each seasonal line works with a specific skin type. For example, the Spring line works well with normal skin tones, while the Summer line works best with oily skin. They literally have something for everyone!

A breakdown of the lines and seasonal scents from Saison:

Spring Scent: Rosy notes blended with lavender and ylang ylang (love this one!)

Summer Scent: Lemony notes paired with bergamot

Autumn Scent: Herbal notes paired with lavender

Winter Scent: Spicy juniper notes paired with bergamot

*They also offer a year-round body collection, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin or fragrance allergies. Yep, I told you- they have something for everyone!

I had the privilege of trying both the Summer and Spring body care lines and let me tell you I am quite impressed. The first thing that I love about Saison is their packaging. Each product is packaged in a sealed air-vacuum bottle which not only protects the product from oxidation and contamination, but also ensures that none of the product ends up being wasted. So you’re really getting every last drop.

Summer Body Wash, Lotion, and Body Oil

The Summer line features pineapple, strawberry, chamomile, and more! (Sounds like summer to me!) This lemony summer line features Avocado Oil, which is a great oil for summertime. It is lightweight and works to improve skin tone and unclog pores.

The Summer Body Wash is certainly unique- it is very lightweight with a thin texture, yet suds surprisingly well. It works best if used with a towel or loofah. A little goes a long way with this body wash! ($35, but see below for coupon code)

The Summer Body Lotion is made with Organic Coconut Oil and pure essential oils. What I love most about it is that it absorbs quickly, yet keeps skin hydrated and nourished. Finding a natural body lotion that absorbs well and is hydrating at the same time can be a challenge. Usually it’s a game of give and take, but with this Body Lotion, you get both! A great product for healthy summer skin. ($40)

The Summer Body Oil gently moisturizes skin naturally, without any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It is made expertly by hand, with a special blend of botanical oils – Organic Green Tea, Organic Jojoba and Organic Safflower. The lemon and bergamot leave you smelling fresh and earthy. ($59)

Skincare for the Seasons

Spring Body Wash and Lotion

The Spring line from Saison Beauty features apricot, rose geranium, cherry, lavender, and green tea. If you’re looking for more of a floral and fresh Saison’s Spring line features rosy notes blended with lavender and ylang ylang.

Great for all skin types, the Spring Body Wash is lightweight, yet nourishing and perfect for spring- fresh and floral. It left my skin feeling clean without stripping natural body oils. ($35)

The Spring Body Lotion is another great lotion that is hydrating and easily absorbed by the skin- if you like floral and fresh scents, this body lotion is for you! This is one of my absolute favorites of the line. ($40)

Saison Beauty is kindly offering a special discount for my readers. Just use the code HANNAHSAISON to save 20% at checkout. I’m also giving away a Summer Body Duo on Instagram this week, so don’t forget to enter to win!

Have you ever tried seasonal skincare? Which Saison products are you most interested in trying?

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  1. I think the spring scent would be my pick because i love anything w/ rose! Catching up on your blog posts btw! love following you on IG!

  2. The spring sounds so heavenly!! But I also love lemon so summer does too. I would have to do a coin toss between those two! ❤️

  3. Spring sounds amazing (and it’s my favorite season), but honestly Winter would be more of use to me since that season lasts so long here and it is so very harsh on the skin! Thank you for a wonderful post!

  4. I have been eyeing this line for a while, so I was happy to see this post! The summer line would be my pick as I love everything lemon in the summer!!

  5. So glad to have stumbled across your blog via IG..such a great resource for the lifestyle I’m trying to achieve! Looking forward to reading more posts! Spring definitely sounds the best & the product line sounds incredible!

  6. I currently have the Spring cleansing oil and cleansing grains! Instantly fell in love! I would love to try the summer line because of the avocado oil and the autumn line because it is my favorite season <3.