Wrap These Up: Christmas Gift Guide


Make all of your Christmas gifts exciting and nontoxic as well! Because let’s be honest, even the nicest products don’t seem so great when you learn they’re full of harmful ingredients and chemicals that wreak havoc on your health (no thank you!)

This gift guide will make just about everyone on your list happy! You may even want to keep some of them for yourself.

For the ladies

christmas gift guideWhether she’s into skincare or makeup, these gift sets make the perfect Christmas gift. OSEA Malibu offers a variety of Skincare Sets (Blemish Prone Essentials, Simple Skincare Set, Redness Calming Set)

For the glamorous makeup lover, Kjaer Weis never disappoints. Whether it’s the christmas gift guideEssential Duo 2 or Essential Trio 1, these supreme makeup products are sure to impress!

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For the men

christmas gift guideLadies, your man deserves natural skincare too! Ditch toxic ingredients for good with these natural skincare and personal care products for the guy in your life.


For the new mom

pleni naturalsThe last thing a new mom wants to learn is that she’s applying toxic ingredients on her baby. With Pleni Naturals, she doesn’t have to worry about harmful ingredients. Plus, you can use the code HEALTHFULLYHANNAH to save 15%!

It is even more crucial for the products we use on our babies and children to be pure and free from harmful ingredients! This collection of baby and children’s products has everything you need – from skin cream and toothpaste to baby shampoo and body wash!


For the cook in the family

Cookbooks make the perfect gift…I use these cookbooks daily!

Spiralizerchristmas gift guide – Turn veggies into noodles! Anyone who cooks will love to use the spiralizer! There are so many ways to be creative with veggies! Plus, the kids love it too. Even if kids aren’t wild about vegetables, they’ll go wild about these creative shapes.

For the techy

Computer glasses not only reduce digital eye strain, they also block blue light exposure, making it easier to fall asleep faster. These are the only computer glasses that are stylish enough to pass as regular glasses (no crazy orange color)! They also come in prescription and non-prescription strength. Code healthfullyhannah saves you at checkout too!christmas gift guide

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For the host / hostess

Essential Oil Diffuser – Instead of giving candles as gifts (which contain petroleum and unregulated ingredients), essential oil diffusers cleanse and purify the air, all while making the home smell wonderful! Code healthfullyhannah saves you at checkout.

Himalayan Salt Lampchristmas gift guide – Loved for their warm glow, Himalayan salt lamps are known to purify the air, reduce allergies, and counteract the positive ions created by electronics.

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For those on-the-go

christmas gift guideEveryone can benefit from switching out their plastic water bottles for a glass water bottle. There’s just no need for hormone-disrupting chemicals to be leaching into our beverages!

Stainless steel water bottles (like this one) are another non-toxic option.

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For the coffee-lover

christmas gift guideHas the coffee-lover in your life experienced the difference of organic coffee? Unfortunately, conventional coffee is full of pesticides and is quite harmful. Organic coffee (this brand is a favorite) tastes much better and offers the same effects as conventional coffee. Add on this glass french press to complete the gift!

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves stocking stuffers! These are sure to surprise.

  1. Wei of Chocolate– Organic, pure dark chocolate with flower essences, the perfect stocking stuffer!
  2. Lotus Wei Minis– Give the gift of flower essences with this mini collection of mists.
  3. Kosmatology Lip BalmsWith the most festive names around, these lip balms are perfect stocking stuffers that will keep lips soft and nourished all winter!
  4. Makeup Minis – These various skincare and makeup collections are pure, natural, and pigmented with fruits & vegetables.
  5. Konjac Facial Sponge – Konjac Sponges are great for cleansing and gently exfoliating skin!

What are you gifting your family and friends this Christmas?

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