The Article I Didn’t Plan to Write: A Heartfelt Note from Me to You

The Article I Didn't Plan On Writing- A Heartfelt Note from Me to You

Dear reader,

I had no intention of writing this. This isn’t like any of my other articles. But I feel it’s important to share this with you and I hope that it is helpful and encouraging to you.

I recently had a phone conversation with one of my readers, who has been a reader since I first started my blog. She explained to me that her world is caving in on her from every direction (trials so painful and difficult that I can’t even imagine experiencing). She’s at the end of her rope, so to speak. Through all of this, she explained that she cares deeply about her health and the health of her family and young children and wants more than anything to do what’s best for them, especially when it comes to their health, but just doesn’t know how to start or where to begin.

I could hear it in her voice and through her tears: the fear, overwhelm, and exhaustion. Half way through our conversation, as I was sharing part of myself that I haven’t shared publicly until now, I realized I had to share this with you too.

If you’re feeling that this whole ‘health journey’ that I write about is just impossible for you, too difficult to manage, or that you’re at a point where you just have no idea what you can do for your health (or that you’re a hopeless case), this is for you.

Let me reassure you that this journey is not about perfection. We are always going to encounter harmful substances and toxins each and everyday. Does that mean we should just sit back and accept the ones we can control? Certainly not. But, if you’re feeling like ‘all the toxins’ are going to kill you tomorrow if you don’t eliminate them, take a deep breath.  

Commit to becoming aware.

Commit to making better choices whenever you can.

Commit to enjoying the journey, knowing that you’re doing everything YOU can to improve and protect your health and the health of your family.

Commit to accepting that as enough. All you can do is your very best, so don’t put any additional expectations on yourself.

I also want to share with you that my life is in no way 100% nontoxic. I certainly practice what I preach and believe wholeheartedly in everything I write about. But I’m not perfect. My health isn’t perfect. My home isn’t perfect. My food isn’t perfect. My skin isn’t perfect. My life is not 100% free from toxic chemicals.

I eat out (even when I know it’s not a healthy option). I get stressed over silly things. I have things in my home that I still need to replace (and I will when I can). I eat cake and drink wine (occasionally 😉 ) and sometimes let weeks go by without exercising.

Have I transitioned most of my life to healthier choices? Yes! Are there still areas I can improve upon? Absolutely, and I expect it to remain that way.

I write about a WIDE range of topics on There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to living healthfully and I do love sharing the details with you, but the last thing I want for you as one of my readers is to feel overwhelmed by all of the information I share and feel that if you don’t implement something I suggest, your health is going to fall apart.

I haven’t shared too many personal things with you yet (that’s something I’ll have to keep working on), but I want to be upfront with you about something: I heard myself in her voice. When I first began to learn about the things in our everyday lives that are quite harmful, I was fearful. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed with it all. It seemed impossible, and honestly, just frightening.

The most important lesson I’ve learned to overcome this is to turn the fear of the negative effects, the guilt and regret (that shouldn’t be there in the first place since you just learned something new) into gratitude that now you know. And now, you can make informed decisions. I understand that the first instinct is to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but learn to turn that into thankfulness for your new awareness. (Imagine how you’d feel if you went another 5 or 10 years not knowing what you just learned!)

We also talked about how challenging and discouraging it can be to have close family members and friends who just don’t believe that any of this really matters, which might actually be one of the hardest aspects of my personal health journey. We’ve all heard that friend, ‘We’re all going to die someday anyway…Why limit yourself?’ If you’re struggling with these types of situations, you’re not alone. Some of my closest family members and friends still give me strange looks and wonder why I care so much about living healthfully and let me tell you, it’s hard. Some people even think I’m on a permanent diet and that it must be miserable and boring (haha!)

For all the skeptics reading this, it’s actually the exact opposite. I eat food that tastes delicious, promotes health and vibrancy, and makes me feel amazing. Seriously, why else would I be doing this?! I’m not on a diet, ever. I’m not restricting myself. I love every bit of it and am never looking back.

My mission and purpose with Healthfully Hannah in every blog post, email newsletter, and social media post is to walk with you through your health journey, whatever that looks like for you.

I hope that this encouraged you in some way, no matter how you’re feeling right now about your health. If it didn’t…well, at least now you know a little bit more about me & my imperfect health journey.


Hannah Smith

Hannah is the founder of Healthfully Hannah and is a nutrition professional empowering women to live healthfully through science-based, step-by-step guidance. Read Hannah’s health journey that led her to discover the power of Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Get in touch with Hannah right here.

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  1. I adore this post! It can be overwhelming at first but like you said do what you can when you can. Don’t try to do a huge change all at once. You’ll truly enjoy it when you take it step by step. Sometimes those steps can takes months to get thru. That’s ok. I vowed not to stress myself out about getting healthier in every area. I do what I can when I can and enjoy they moment and learn from it.

    1. Ah, thank you Shiraya! You’re exactly right, sometimes the steps do take months to get through. What an incredible vow to yourself, I’m thrilled to hear that!

  2. Hannah, I love that you wrote this article for us. So much of this rang true for me too. It is a journey and I am far from perfect too. I don’t like to exercise but know I have to. I eat things I know I shouldn’t and then don’t feel too good after. I also love wine, but only drink it once in a while. And by the way, friends and family make fun of me all the time, but I don’t care. I know what’s right for me and my family.

    1. Lorie, I can’t thank you enough for letting me know your thoughts about this. I never want to give the impression that my life is 100% perfect or nontoxic – that’s not real life! In terms of exercise, it’s important to keep trying various types until you find what you actually enjoy. This made all the difference for me. Exercising used to seem like a chore, until I found what I love (yoga!) Keep up all your progress, I’m glad we’re journeying together! 🙂