9 Must-Have Health Apps

9 Must Have Health Apps

While there are certainly ways our cell phones can be detrimental to our health, there are quite a few ways you can use your cell phone to improve and maintain your health! Like most things, it’s about balance and using wisdom!

Broken down into the 3 categories of Clean Eating, Natural Beauty, and Nontoxic Living, here are 9 health apps you don’t want to live without!

Clean Eating

Locavore (free)

Locavore makes finding local farmer’s markets a breeze! Just plug in your zip code and you’ll get a list of all the local farmer’s markets in your area. When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, shopping seasonally saves money and ensures that the foods are more nutrient-dense. Locavore makes it easy to tell which fruits and veggies are in season in their seasonal produce guide.

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Cookery ($4.99)

Cookery is a collection of over 100 recipes from Danielle Walker. The recipes are paleo, grain-free, and dairy-free to make you feel great! Don’t worry, they don’t skimp on taste! The app includes step-by-step recipe guides that are easy to use while cooking, with smart timers that work with you as you progress through the recipes. It also includes a grocery list feature, so that as you’re browsing recipes, just swipe the ingredients you need and they are added to your grocery list! How convenient! You can search by meal category or recipe to find what you’re looking for. Cookery also includes nutrition facts, an option to save your own notes on each recipe, and works seamlessly between devices (iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch).

Food Facts (free)

Ok, this technically isn’t an official ‘app’, but I turned it into one and love using it! Food Facts is an A-Z list of fruits and vegetables that includes what the food is good for, it’s health benefits, nutrition facts, and even includes a recipe with each one! Just go to foodfacts.mercola.com on your phone, click the button with the arrow at the bottom (if you’re using an iPhone), and click ‘Add to Home Screen’ and voila! Your very own Food Facts App.

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Natural Beauty

Since we absorb up to 60% of the ingredients that we put onto our skin each day, it’s important to know the ingredients in the products we use. These 2 apps will score products based on their safety and enable you to choose better options.

ThinkDirty (free)

Simply scan a product’s barcode or type it in, and you’ll receive a score from 1-10 (1 is the ‘cleanest’, 10 is the worst). You can then see how toxic the product is in terms of Carcinogenicity, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity, and Allergies & Immunotoxicities. You can also see a list of all the ingredients in the product and the safety score of each ingredient. For even more detail, simply click on an ingredient to read more about it’s impacts and purpose.

With over 350,000 products in their database, you’ll quickly learn about the safety of the products you’re using on yourself and your family. They also recommend ‘cleaner’ options each time you scan a ‘not-so-clean’ product. Save your favorites by liking them or stay organized by adding them to your customized lists! So you can shop smart and stay informed!

To transition to Natural Beauty, download the Worksheet & Checklist below:


Skin Deep (now part of EWG’s Healthy Living App – free)

Similar to Think Dirty, Skin Deep allows you to scan a product’s barcode or type it in and receive a score from 1-10 based on the safety of the product. I use EWG’s Skin Deep database in addition to Think Dirty because they provide different information at times and it’s a great way to double check the safety of your products.

Note that these 2 apps are meant to be used as tools to educate you on the safety of your products, they are not meant to replace further research. In fact, I encourage you to research your products after learning about the ingredients to make sure you are comfortable using them.

Nontoxic Living

Detox Me (free)

Not sure how to start your transition to natural living? The Detox Me App is a powerful tool! It is full of information and step-by-step guides on living naturally. Choose from the 6 categories of Children, Clothing, Personal Care, Home, Cleaning, and Food & Drink then choose whether you want to “Learn and Track Progress” or view the “Label and DIY Guide”. (Because we all know how confusing labels can be, whether it’s food or product labels!)

The “Learn and Track Progress” option includes actionable tips for healthy living and allows you to label them as “New, Working on It, or Done”. If you indicate that you’re working on it, you’ll get a customized reminder that will help keep you accountable! The “Label and DIY Guide” provides helpful information on what to look out for on labels, as well as DIY recipes. This app is full of great information and is so helpful for anyone wanting to transition to healthier living!

Another must-have resource for transitioning to natural living is my eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to a Nontoxic Home.

EWG’s Healthy Living (free)

For food and cosmetics, the EWG’s Healthy Living App includes a database of products and brands and scores them 1-10. Just click Browse, choose Food or Cosmetic, then search based on the categories listed to learn about the products you’re currently using and to find healthier options.

Headspace (free & paid options)

Whether you’re into meditation or not, the health benefits that come with a meditation or mindfulness practice continue to be proven by various health research. Simply stopping for a few minutes every day is extremely beneficial to your health! Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness practice that lasts just 10 minutes, so you can fit it into even the busiest days! You can choose to set a reminder at a certain time each day, so that you’ll experience the benefits of regular peace and quiet and choose between the categories that are most important to you. (Headspace does offer paid plans, but you can take advantage of the app for free as well!)

Yoga Studio ($4.99)

Developed by a professional yoga instructor, you can take Yoga Studio with you on the go! Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced yogi, this app offers 65 ready-made guided yoga classes in HD-video, with the feature of creating your own personalized classes based on your favorite poses! It allows you to create a schedule on the in-app calendar (which you can set to remind you). You can choose classes by difficulty level, length of time you have to practice, and focus (whether you want to focus on strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, or a combination). Or, just browse through the pose library of over 280 poses!

What are your favorite health apps? Have you tried any of these? 

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