5 Ways to Detox Beyond Food

5 Ways to Detox Beyond Food

At this point in the series, you should have a clear understanding of what detoxification really means and how you can naturally support your body’s natural detox pathways. We’ve covered a lot and my hope is that your view of detoxification has shifted and you have already started implementing the methods in part 2. Before we get into The Details about Detox Part 3, let’s review what we’ve learned through this series so far…

In Part 1 of The Details about Detox, we covered:

  • Why detoxification is absolutely critical in today’s world
  • What detox really means
  • The difference between detox and cleansing
  • Why the common myths about detox are false (and even harmful!)
  • Common signs that you may need to detox

Be sure to read part 1 to make sure you’re not believing any of the common myths about detox.

In Part 2 of The Details about Detox, we covered:

  • Toxic Burden and the different types of toxins
  • What happens when our detoxification pathways become blocked
  • How to detoxify the body, naturally and safely
  • The Phases of Detoxification and how to support each

If you haven’t read Part 2 yet, be sure to read it before continuing with Part 3.

Now, in Part 3 of The Details about Detox, we’re discussing advanced methods of detoxification. So, if you are already incorporating the essential detox methods in Part 2 and you’re looking for even more ways to detoxify, this is for you!

 1. Start by incorporating my top 5 daily detox methods

An important lesson I covered in part 1 is that detoxification is not an event, it’s a lifestyle. Understanding this truth and embracing it allows you to receive the benefits of detoxification, rather than resorting to fad ‘juice cleanses’ and extreme diets. These do not support our detoxification pathways and typically leave us undernourished.

Incorporate these 5 daily detox tools into your routine. They’re easy to do and make a big difference in your health!

2. Get twisty!

It’s true! If you’ve been to yoga classes, you’re familiar with seated twists. Simply “twisting” the body stimulates the liver and other digestive organs and promotes detoxification. Think of it like wringing out your abdominal organs.

Incorporate these 7 yoga poses to boost cleansing and detox.

3. Herbal Cleanse Supplements

I’m often asked by my nutrition clients and readers about ‘cleanses’ for detoxification. If you’re following all of the detox methods suggested here and in part 2 and still feel that you could benefit from a stronger detoxification program, herbal supplements can be helpful. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to replace whole food, they are meant to supplement a lifestyle of clean eating. (Hence the name 😉 ) They provide us with herbs & botanicals that we otherwise would not get from our meals, which is why they can be quite beneficial in cleansing the digestive tract and supporting whole body detoxification.

What to look for in herbal cleanse supplements:

  • Quality (organic, non-GMO)
  • A wide variety of herbs (each have unique purposes in the detox process)
  • 7-14 days in length
  • Choose between capsules or powder (depending on your preference) Some have a combination of both. I prefer capsules only for these types of cleanses.

Please note that these supplements are not to be used as a replacement for the essential primary methods of detox, that we discussed in part 2. Remember from part 1 that “Your body naturally detoxifies itself (that’s what your liver does!) but it often gets so overloaded with the everyday chemicals we encounter, that it needs extra support to make sure our natural detoxification pathways are functioning efficiently.”

4. Use Essential Oils to Boost Detoxification

Citrus-based essential oils are great for detoxification. Some example are Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, as well as Myrrh, Peppermint, and Rosemary.

Ways to experience the detox benefits of these essential oils include diffusion (with an essential oil diffuser or nebulizer), topical application (mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil), and adding them to bath water.

5. Reduce your exposure to as many toxins as possible

We covered this in part 1 and 2, but if you truly want to detoxify, it’s important to reduce our toxic burden by being mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies, onto our bodies, and the environments we live in. This is why I focus on Clean Eating, Natural Beauty, and Nontoxic Living. Each area impacts our health more than we may realize.

You can reduce your exposure to everyday toxins by transitioning to Clean Eating, replacing toxic personal care products for safe options, and detoxifying your home.

Have you tried any of these methods of detoxification? Or, if you have other methods you use, share them below!

Hannah Smith

Hannah is the founder of Healthfully Hannah and is a nutrition professional empowering women to live healthfully through science-based, step-by-step guidance. Read Hannah’s health journey that led her to discover the power of Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Get in touch with Hannah right here.

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  1. Hi Hannah, I’ve tried quite a few of the ways to detox from your list. I also drink two 24 oz glasses of water mixed with Essante earth greens. They are ionized to help my body maintain a good Ph level and detox too. One way that I haven’t tried is dry brushing. I will order the brush you suggested and get to it this week.

    1. Hi Lorie, Glad to hear you’ve tried some of these detox methods 🙂 You’ll love dry brushing – it is invigorating! These small, daily methods really make a difference.