3 Ways to Prioritize When Health Challenges Seem Overwhelming

3 Ways to Prioritize When Health Issues Seem Overwhelming

I recently sent a newsletter to those who receive my weekly emails about what to do when health challenges seem overwhelming. I received so many meaningful responses telling me that many of you can relate to this.

While it may seem like I have it all together when I’m sharing health insights with you, I’m just like everyone else. I get overwhelmed and stressed with life, business, health, and I’ll always be on a journey toward optimal health, as we will all be. Websites and Instagram feeds are not a true representation of reality, so remember that comparing your reality and struggles to someone’s online presence will steal your joy and make you feel discouraged. This can apply to any area of life, whether it’s comparing status, relationships, business, or health.

There are 3 primary strategies I’ve learned over the years that have helped me prioritize my health and avoid feeling overwhelmed, so I’m sharing them with you today!

Whether you’re fairly new in your transition to living healthfully or you’ve been passionate about it for years, it’s important to keep these steps in mind:

3 Ways to Prioritize When Health Challenges Seem Overwhelming

  1. Stay open-minded and eager to learn, but don’t delay taking action.

    Rather than waiting until you can approach your health with perfection, start taking action today. Let me reassure you that this journey is not about perfection. Each and every choice you make for your health makes an impact. So always stay open-minded and eager to learn new information, but don’t let it stop you from making positive choices today.

    There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to living healthfully and I do love sharing the details with you, but the last thing I want for you as one of my readers is to feel overwhelmed by all of the information I share and feel that if you don’t implement something I suggest, your health is going to fall apart.

    Remember, you have two choices each time you learn new information, you can let it overwhelm you and paralyze you with fear, or you can be thankful that you have a new awareness – and then use that to make informed decisions. The choice is yours. It takes practice to train your mind to view new information this way, but it will empower you for the rest of your life.

  2. Don’t do it alone.

    If you feel overwhelmed about where you’re at with your health right now, don’t try to do this journey alone. Even though it may seem like it at times, you are not alone. Chances are there are others who are at a similar place with similar struggles, and connecting with them is one of the most empowering steps you can take.

    Join a community (The Healthfully Hannah Community on Facebook is a great one, but I’m biased 😉 ) where you can share with others, ask questions, and gain insight. This is an essential aspect of every health journey. Surrounding yourself with others who are like-minded and who have similar goals and interests is more important than you may realize. It is often what makes the difference between giving up and persevering.

  3. Learn to enjoy the journey.

    We’ve all heard this saying, but how can we actually make it happen? Many of us are so focused on reaching our goals as quickly and easily as possible, that we often forget to enjoy the journey and process of reaching those goals. This doesn’t mean you don’t have an end goal that you’re working toward. It means that you remind yourself (as often as you need!) that you are doing everything you can to take steps to reach that goal.

    Keep in mind that we are all on this journey (even those who seem like they have it all together) of learning and making the best choices we can with the information we have. So give yourself some grace to just be okay with your progress at this point in time.

Remember, you have tremendous influence over your health, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing health insights with you. What are your favorite ways to ‘refocus’ when you’re feeling overwhelmed?


Hannah Smith

Hannah is the founder of Healthfully Hannah and is a nutrition professional empowering women to live healthfully through science-based, step-by-step guidance. Read Hannah’s health journey that led her to discover the power of Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Get in touch with Hannah right here.

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