Whether you’re beginning your health journey or looking for detailed insight in nutrition and natural living, I’m thrilled you’re here! My mission is to empower you to live healthfully through science-based, step-by-step guidance, using food as medicine and paying attention to the root causes of dis-ease rather than covering up symptoms.

I work with women to address the root causes of their health challenges and restore whole body wellness through Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

My passion is leading others to optimal health and I’m here to guide you each step of the way. Through my articles, library of guides, and my private Facebook community, you’ll have the resources you need to make powerful changes for your health.

The Blog

The Blog

I am so thankful that I chose to participate in the Gut Health Discovery program! After a lifetime of skin issues and an adulthood of struggling to heal them, I found significant relief in less than two weeks! Hannah is so knowledgeable and her encouragement to make tweaks in my diet has been extremely helpful! I'm excited to see more positive changes to my health as I implement more of what I learned.

Kellie B.

Hannah has helped me tremendously with my health. I was constantly eating out and was awful at reading food ingredient labels. Hannah’s program is very gradual and such a positive experience. Every week I got a little closer to my goals. Now, not only do I know how to eat healthy but I do eat healthy! My body feels healthier now and an unexpected benefit is that the little red bumps (Keratosis Pilaris) on my arms are gone! My favorite part about Clean Eating Confidence is that it is completely tailored to me. I have very unique dietary restrictions which other professionals have been unable to help me with. I felt doomed to eat unhealthy foods until she showed me there is a better way. I now have the knowledge and tools to be a healthier me. This program is for everyone; I definitely recommend it!

Sarah M.

Working with Hannah has been such a huge life-changing experience for me. I could never figure out what was wrong with me (health wise), and normal doctors always threw steroids or antibiotics at me. After years of frustration and questioning and seeking answers, Hannah knew exactly how to help my situation. She's extremely knowledgeable and is very prompt in communication. In only 1 short month of working with her, my asthma is gone, my gut health is improving, my energy is through the roof, my body feels amazing, and I lost 12 pounds! I didn't know how important gut health was until experiencing the difference first hand. Working with Hannah has been a dream, and I think of her as an angel! She's such a blessing and a sweet person!

Cara K.

Working with Hannah has been a wonderful experience! Prior to working with her I was constantly bloated, had diarrhea, itchy skin and my mood was completely all over the place. I have learned so much about my body, foods to eat in moderation and the best part - foods that support myself as a whole (mind, body, soul). I no longer have those unwanted symptoms and am now more in tune with what my body needs. It’s honestly the best feeling!!

Erin B.

I highly recommend working with Hannah to anyone who has struggled to make healthy changes when it comes to food. I have tried other nutrition programs before that were basically do-it-yourself programs with limited support. The accountability aspect of Hannah’s program was a game changer for me. Her program is the one that finally pushed me to make healthy changes that were long overdue.

Jennifer W.

Clean Eating Confidence is such a comprehensive program that allows you to make healthy choices at your own pace. Hannah gives you the keys to success! Her one-on-one sessions, email support, and her resource guides are exactly what you need to help transform your lifestyle. She is very supportive and encouraging; she opened my eyes to how great clean eating can make me feel. I have more energy, feel less bloated and less headaches than I used to. I have even seen changes in my skin! I learned to listen to my body; I now know there are certain foods that cause me to not feel my best and I can avoid them. I’ve never realized that before! Her program is a great option for anyone that has ever considered trying to transition to clean eating. I loved having Hannah as a guide throughout my transition to clean eating. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Michele L.

Hannah's Gut Healing Protocol was a big step forward for me to learn about the effects a healthy gut can have on pain, clarity, and mood. Hannah was there every step of the way and was willing to answer all of my weekly questions! She never made me feel inadequate or ill-informed. The protocol was easy to follow and felt less constrained than the Whole30 that I had done previously. I looked forward to my meals and learning new ways to support my inner health. I can't thank Hannah enough for kickstarting my journey toward optimal health!

Taylor M.